The 3 reasons American Men are investing in Bova Tees

You're probably thinking that the Bova Tees are just another tee, are we right?

We get it though... there are a TON of tees available to purchase.

But one thing we noticed is that there was never a tee that was made of extremely high quality fabrics, soft, and most importantly fit well.

Therefore, we decided to create a tee that has all 3 of those characteristics.

Below you will see how we went about creating, not the perfect tee, but the Bova Tee.

You'll also learn why many men across America are investing in these tees. Specifically, the the 4 most popular long sleeves: Forest Green, Heather Grey, Marsala, and Classic Black. 

Let's start with number one of the three main characteristics that separate the Bova Tees from all other tees.

1. High Quality Fabrics
Many brands of clothing make their tees lighter and thinner, because it makes the production much cheaper since less fabric is used. This ends up leading to those tiny holes you see showing up throughout the tee within 3-6 months of wear. The tee will also start losing its shape after washing a few times, which leads to a tee that no longer fits properly.

However, we make sure to nearly double the amount of fabric used in the production of the Bova Tees to make them much thicker than most tees. The reason we do this is to completely eliminate the chances of a hole naturally showing up on the tee and to ensure that the shape is maintained after many, many washes.

We're actually so confident in the quality of our tees that we guarantee a one year warranty that the tees won't get any holes in the fabric after normal wear and after washing over and over again, because our founder has been wearing the same long sleeved tees from 3 years ago and holes have yet to show up.   

2. Softness
Almost every tee that the best and biggest brands make are soft. But that's because the fabrics are thinner as we noted above. However, it's really hard to find a tee that's made of thick heavyweight fabric that is also super soft.

Therefore, to make our heavyweight fabric extremely soft, we had our manufacturers use a special washing process that the fabric goes through multiple times a day, which ends up taking around several days to complete. This special process not only makes the fabric soft, but it also keeps the fabric from shrinking minimal to none.

Because who really wants an uncomfortable tee that shrinks? We think... NO ONE

3. Fits Well
The biggest differentiator between poorly fitting tees and tees that fit well, such as the Bova Tee, is the tapering of the sleeves. Most tees have a boxy fit that is loose from the upper arm through the forearm and the sleeves are way too long causing them to bunch up around the wrist making it look like you threw on a blanket over you.

Whereas, the long sleeved Bova Tees sleeve tapers from your upper arm down through your forearm and stops right at the cuff of your wrist, enhancing your overall appearance by showing your physique regardless if you have thin arms or are more muscular.

The second area of the well-fitting Bova Tee is that it's fitted around the chest and tapers inwards around the stomach and then expands slightly outwards at the waistline to eliminate the boxy look that a standard tee has, providing you with a clean crisp appearance.

Lastly, the collar of the long sleeve never loses its shape because of the heavier fabric used and it fits right around the base of the neck. The last thing you want is a bacon neck collar. If you're unfamiliar with this term, it means the collar of a shirt that resembles a piece of crispy cooked bacon. In short, it's sloppy looking and not something you want your tees to have.

In Conclusion

Now that you have become more familiar with the Bova Tees, it's time to put an end to poorly fitting tees and start investing in comfortable high quality tees that actually fit well.

Many men opt for the long sleeve bundle we have put together that we call The Classic Collection, which consists of the 4 main colors we mentioned in the beginning: Forest Green, Heather Grey, Marsala, & Classic Black.

The reason why most get these 4 popular colors is because of their versatility and classic color tones that not only go with every season, but also works with nearly every skin tone, eye color, and hair type.

Want to check the collection out for yourself? Click here to view.