The Seaport Green Bova Oxford Shirt

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With the warmer months on the horizon, it's important to lighten up your color palette. Seaport Green is the perfect color to wear during the spring and summer, if you wish to add a softer, more subtle color to your outfit.

 We decided to pair the Seaport Green shirt with oatmeal pants and mid-brown loafers above. However, this color button-down also goes especially well with dark denim or white slim jeans. 

Ian Marko Seaport Green Mens Knitted Oxford Button-Down Shirt

Although the Seaport Green button-down oxford is mostly a spring/summer color, it can be worn year round. It's best to wear during the day, but can be worn at night during parties or in a casual environment.

What's great about this specific color is the fact that it blends well with light skin tones and makes dark skin tones beam. 

Knitted Oxford Mens Button-Down Shirt

It's hard to mess the styling up of this shirt. As long as you stay tonal, wearing shades of clothing that compliment the Seaport Green oxford button-down, you will have an outfit that is consistent and visually interesting. 

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