The Caribbean Aqua Bova Oxford Shirt

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Caribbean Aqua Knit Oxford Button-Down Shirt

The Caribbean Aqua Bova Oxford is highly recommended if you are looking for a bold, comfortable, casual button-down to take with you this summer while traveling abroad, visiting your favorite beach, or sailing the seas.

White denim jeans are the go to pants for this button-down. Instead of pairing this shirt with conventional brown, tan, or black shoes - pair with navy leather shoes and include a matching colored alligator belt to add an elegant touch to the outfit. 

Caribbean Aqua Knit Bova Oxford Button-Down Shirt Up Close

Out of the six Bova Oxfords that will be available, this shirt is recommended to be worn only during the warmer months due to its vibrant color. However, if you decide to wear it during the colder months, pair with rich browns and chocolates to put a sophisticated spin on this tropical classic.

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