The Bova Oxford Button-Down Shirt

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The oxford shirt was originally created in Scotland, during the 19th century. At that time, fabric mills experimented with different weaves and started producing their own woven fabrics that became known to us as the oxford cloth.

Polo players, in England, first adopted the long sleeved oxford shirts to wear during their matches. Then the established in the United States adopted this style and set industry norms to where the majority of oxford button-downs are made with woven oxford cloth.  

Instead of conforming to the industry standards, we decided to interpret the oxford differently by creating a button-down shirt that looks like an oxford, but is made up of pique mesh fabrics that make up a collared polo shirt. 

Now you will no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort while wearing this shirt because it dresses like an oxford, but feels like a polo. With this shirt, you will be able to enhance your sophisticated outfit or emphasize an elegant attitude through a casual look.

You can dress it up by pairing with one of your sport coats or dress it down with a pair of denim blue jeans. Either way you wear it, you will be dressed for the right occasion no matter where you go or what you do.

The Bova Oxford is crafted from a special 100% pique mesh cotton- the same material used to make your favorite collared polo shirt. It has the signature Bova Bear embroidered on the upper left chest.

The stitching and laser engraved custom "Ian Marko" buttons represent superior craftsmanship and signals to the world your attention to detail.

There are two buttons on the cuff of each sleeve to ensure that the cuffs fit you properly. The overall fit of the shirt is tailored fit; therefore, it is not too slim or too loose. It's just right.

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For FAQs regarding the Bova Oxford button-down shirt, click here.

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