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At Ian Marko, our mission is to bring inspiration and stye to the free-spirited journeyers around the world. As new people join us, we have started asking them to share their stories with us for us to then share their stories with you. We feel that a community of us can truly bring inspiration to others around the world. 

Introducing to you today:

Aidan Grether

IM: Who is Aidan Grether?

AG: I am a dreamer from a small town with huge goals. I love nature and what the earth provides, as well as the tucked-away-among-the-skyscrapers old quarters of large cities all around the globe. My pastime is reading classic literary and philosophical works, adventuring and exploring, and photography.

IM: What part of the world are you from?

AG: I'm from a small rural community in British Columbia, Canada. My family's heritage is French, Swiss, and British which played a huge role in my upbringing and inspired my love of the traditional.

IM: Do you have a favorite place to visit? If so, where and why.

AG: My favorite place to visit is the city of Strasbourg, France in the summer. Flowers line the old stone bridges, and the Germanic timber houses tower over the streets filled with vibrant tourists and locals alike, all enjoying one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The Cathedral Notre Dame de Strasbourg's gothic spire looks over the entire region and offers breathtaking views of the Rhine River as tour boats trace the winding waterway. The restaurant and cafe scene is similar to Paris's, but not as dirty! Unfortunately, most historians agree Hemingway nor any other famous Expats gathered and drank together in Strasbourg. More locally, my favorite place to visit is any medieval church, library or castle. 

IM: When it comes to choosing clothing, what do you weigh in your choice?

AG: My go to outfit is absolutely the best thing a guy can wear in my opinion: an Oxford shirt (probably white or light blue) tucked in to a pair of navy blue or grey pants, with matching brown shoes and belt (light brown with the grey, a reddish brown with the navy blue). While I don't think it's necessary to wear full suits everywhere (as was the style in 1905), the modern dressed down take retains the clean, elegant, 'well respected man' look but leaves room for the modern casualness of todays society.

IM: How would you define your personal style? 

AG: I'd define my personal style as a mix between Euro-traditionalism and 1960's JFK. When I'm not at school, working, or out with friends I tend to trade my cotton button downs and Oxfords for linen shirts, polos, and boat shoes, and in the winter for Irish wool cable-knits and American Navy pea-coats.

IM: What drove your interest in Ian Marko?

AG: What drove my interest in Ian Marko was their ability to combine what I love about mens fashion with my lifestyle and world views. The classic, traditional look of both the Bova tees and the Oxfords is exactly what I want to see more of in modern style. The inspiration for the brands' creation came from globe trotting adventures which lead to the reconciliation of movement and a journey with eternal style, creating a kind of eternal journey that we all strive for in life. The brand isn't just some high fashion label, it's the culmination of the human desire to travel and find new stories to tell.

If you are interested in participating in the Q&A with us, please let us know by emailing your pictures wearing Ian Marko to us at or contacting us. We would love to share your story!

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