Design 1: Mystic White Horsebit Loafers

Posted by Ian Anderson on

Ah... the Mystic White Horsebit Loafers.


The inspiration for this design simply came from my personal love of white horsebit loafers.

Now the reason is because when I was growing up as a kid, I always admired the individual who was wearing them.

Mainly because they were the people who:

1. knew how to dress well;
2. were wealthy; 
3. had confidence; and
4. had the power or was the hero/leader of the pack (Miami Vice Don Johnson comes to mind)

They always remind me of one who dresses elegantly and throws yacht parties around the coast of Miami.

Most importantly, they are a major component of Ian Marko's identity. Therefore, it only made sense to put them on a tee.

However, there is a deeper meaning behind the design. It's not simply just a pair of loafers on a shirt. 

The Mystic White Horsebit Loafers are a symbol of power and elegance.

What's your thoughts on this specific design?

Let's journey together,

Ian T Anderson
Founder of Ian Marko

P.S. Not sure if you have noticed, but you will see either white Gucci horsebit loafers or white Ferragamo horsebit drivers appear frequently on our product pages and the front page of our website.

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